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The Bobcat Company, an agricultural and construction equipment company based in the United States, is owned by the Doosan Group of South Korea. Its American headquarters have moved from Gwinner, North Dakota, to West Fargo. In 2017, Bobcat's European headquarters relocated from Waterloo, Belgium, to Dob, Czech Republic (near Prague). It was a subsidiary of Ingersoll Rand from 1995 to July 2007, when it was sold to Doosan Infracore for US$4.9 billion. Bobcat manufactures skid steer loaders, compact excavators, side-by-sides, compact tractors, and other small hydraulic equipment. It's one of the state's few large manufacturing firms.

Bobcats History

Keller Welding and Repair was founded by Louis and Cyril Keller in the 1950s near Rothsay, Minnesota. Eddie Velo, a local turkey farmer, approached the Kellers in 1956 with a need for a machine small enough to travel within a pole barn while still being light enough to work on the upper level. On February 4, 1957, the brothers presented Velo with a simple three-wheeled design with a belt-driven transmission. The Kellers devised and patented a more robust clutch-based transmission system in 1958 after learning about the disadvantages of the belt-driven gearbox. The Melroe M60 loader was built with the modified transmission.

Melroe Manufacturing Company in Gwinner, North Dakota, proposed that the Kellers promote the machines, which led to Melroe inviting the Kellers to exhibit at the 1958 Minnesota State Fair. The four-wheeled M400 "Skid-Steer Loader" was introduced in 1960, and the 440-model loader was the first to bear the "Bobcat" brand name in 1962. On the trip from Minneapolis to Gwinner, Les Melroe and advertising agent Lynn Bickett brainstormed names and came up with "Bobcat." To sell the early loaders, Bickett and Sylvan Melroe devised the tagline "tough, swift, and nimble."

Melroe Manufacturing Company was purchased by Clark Equipment Company in 1969, and then by Ingersoll-Rand in 1995. In 2007, the Doosan Group of South Korea purchased Clark Equipment Company, along with the remainder of Ingersoll-equipment Rand's division, for US$4.9 billion. Bobcat Company is the new name for Clark Equipment Company. Bobcat Company has trademark registrations for the name "Bobcat" all around the world.

Bobcats Accomplishments

In his book Hidden Champions: Lessons From 500 of the World's Best Unknown Companies, Hermann Simon recognised the company as a role model for other small- to medium-sized enterprises in 2009.

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